Subaru Share the Love Event Gives Back

Subaru Is Dedicated to the Community

When so much has been given to you, you need to give back. Subaru is doing this through their Share the Love event. This is focused on giving back to our communities and the people that we share a neighborhood with. The Subaru brand and its retailers have dedicated themselves to multiple projects that are designed to improve the lives and health of those around us.

Preserving Our National Parks

We have not done this alone though. Subaru has partners with the National Park Foundation to protect 100 national parks. Our trees, rivers and natural environment are paramount to our existence on this Earth and Subaru has made it our mission to maintain its health. We understand that all of the fun activities that our guests, employees, customers and family members love to do depend on the great outdoors and we want to preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

Rescuing Animals

You can tell a lot about a person based on how they treat animals. We have partnered with ASPCA to rescue over 50,000 animals from extreme conditions or bad environments. We believe that our furry friends are just as much part of the family as the rest of us and want to provide them with their forever home to warm the hearts of others.

Feeding the Hungry in Our Community

Subaru is working with Meals on Wheels to provide folks in our communities with warm, healthy food. We have delivered around two million meals and continue to battle in the war against hunger.

Wishing for a Better Future

The Make-A-Wish foundation works to provide folks with their last wish on Earth. The 1,800 wishes that we have helped fulfill in our partnership have touched our hearts. We continue to be committed to helping those around us and want to bring more smiles on the faces of children.

Giving Back and Sharing the Love!

Overall, $140 million has been given to charity by Subaru and its retailers. Our Share the Love event is a continued dedication to our communities. We strive to be the face of love and strive past our corporate responsibility toward a human responsibility to each other.


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