Whether You Buy New or Used, Regular Maintenance Will Keep It Running Well

Today's Service Focus: Wiper Blades

Here at Subaru Antelope Valley, we love Subaru both new and used, and so do our clients here in the Lancaster, CA area. But new or used, all Subaru’s need regularly scheduled service and maintenance to keep healthy and stay safe for the road. For that, we recommend our professional Subaru service center.



Our techs are highly knowledgeable about the Subaru lineup, so if you have any current questions, don’t hold them back! Below, we’ve detailed one common Subaru part that you might not often think about, and we’ll tell you how to spot wear and tear yourself, before it gets bad. If you notice wear and tear that might require a replacement, don’t forget about our robust parts department!

Three Places to Check Your Subaru for Wear & Tear:

Wear and tear happens to everyone, but you can help yourself out by checking these three places for wear and tear, and knowing the signs of when you should replace!

  • Windshield Wipers: If your wiper blades are cracked, dried out, or separating from the wiper arm, they’re not going clear your windshield wipers very well! Streaks or a total loss of wiping will leave you with less-than-desirable visibility, and that can affect your safety. If you notice fraying, cracking, or separation of your wiper blade, give us a call and have one of our techs install a new one!<

Go ahead and check out your Subaru vehicle today to see if your wipers, tires, or brake pads might be due for a change. If they are, you know what to do: schedule an appointment with our service center and find your genuine Subaru replacement parts from our Subaru Parts Department!


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