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What Unexpected Adventures Will You Encounter With Your 2018 Subaru Crosstrek?

Have you ever heard of zorbing? It’s where you climb inside a giant, inflated ball and hurl yourself down a hill—seems like the kind of fun you could get up to in your new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek, huh? And turns out, between Palmdale and Edwards, CA, there are a lot of nice, soft, green hills you could hurtle down—all you have to do is stop into Lancaster, CA and Subaru Antelope Valley to team up with the 2018 Crosstrek first.

If you’re interested in tracking down uncanny adventure, align yourself with the 2018 Crosstrek and see if adventure doesn’t just find you!

Subaru Is More than an Automaker—Sometimes, It’s a Way of Life!

Subaru drivers are known for our own particular brand of eccentricity; we’re the movers and shakers, the goers and the doers; we’re the “early-adopters” of adventures not yet conquered, and we always have room for family—both the family we’re given and the families we choose; living a Subaru lifestyle doesn’t have to mean doing extreme sports or tossing your body willy-nilly down a hill inside what amounts to a giant, clear soccer ball, but no one in the Subaru family will judge you for you.

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, they happen off-road and at home, sometimes they’re extreme, sometimes they’re mild, but whatever you’re looking for in your next adventure, you can count on the Subaru family and the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek to get you there.

Here in the Rosamond and Acton, CA areas, there are plenty of adventures to track down, but it’ll take the right vehicle to do so. Don’t just settle for anything, choose the brand known for delivering adventure at every turn—choose a Subaru lifestyle.

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