At Subaru Antelope Valley, We Make Financing Your New Subaru in Lancaster, CA a Breeze

You've toured the new Subaru car and SUV lineup, from the high-octane WRX sports car through the versatile Impreza sedan and hatchback duo and all the way to its all-terrain flagship, the Outback wagon. You've also found auto financing and leasing options are plentiful here at our Lancaster Subaru dealership. You're probably wondering which course of action's right for you. Not to worry, we're here to help you decide!

Are you a trendsetter, with changing needs, tastes, and preferences in a new vehicle? One who might like to check out another option down the road? Perhaps it's just that your immediate budget is most important to you. In such cases, leasing a new Subaru, a temporary agreement of around 36 months, might be your best bet. You won't own your vehicle, but you'll be able to step into a new driver's seat every few years, and you'll only be paying down its normal depreciation, not the total cost, across the life of your Subaru leasing agreement. That can make your down payment and monthly costs lower than on a new car loan. Plus, a lease's terms can be accommodating, balancing out wear and tear, mileage, and other clauses. In short: a Subaru lease can offer the most value for a minimal investment.

Would you prefer to own, customize your car or SUV, racking up the mileage from exciting off-road trip to extended out-of-the-way vacation? Choose to finance a new Subaru, and you buy it outright. That means taking out an auto loan carrying an annual percentage interest rate, or APR, and though these may vary, we offer numerous budget-friendly options from which to choose. Complete all your vehicle's monthly payments in total, and you own it. Sure, down and monthly expenses can be higher than on a lease, but you can sometimes extend loan terms, leading to a longer repayment period and, therefore, lower cost per month. Best of all, there are no wear and tear stipulations, no travel limits, and you can personalize your ride to your liking with a host of Subaru parts and accessories.

Ready to take the plunge? Starting your engines on the finance application process is easy, from the comfort of home, whether you have your eye on a BRZ performance coupe out of Palmdale, Crosstrek crossover from Edwards, Forester SUV near Rosamond, or Legacy mid-size car in nearby Acton. Just dot every "I" and cross each "T" on our convenient Web form to get the ball rolling. We'll get back in touch with you post haste to discuss your options.

You're welcome to get in touch with us here at Subaru Antelope Valley, should you have a question about car financing or anything else automotive-related. What's more, when it's time for that test drive you're sure to remember, we invite you to visit us here at 43243 10th St West in Lancaster, CA. We look forward to meeting you!

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