Subaru vehicles separate themselves from the rest of the vehicles on the road around Lancaster, not only thanks to Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive in every vehicle but the BRZ, but also because of the Boxer engine that's housed in every model. The Subaru Boxer engine is an icon in the industry and has been equipped in every Subaru vehicle since 1966. Over that time, the Boxer engine continues to get developed, upgraded, and enhanced to where it is today. From its iconic performance that stands out from all other vehicles to the stability and command it provides you behind the wheel, there's a reason for everyone around Palmdale to fall in love with the Boxer engine.

What is a Subaru Boxer Engine?

The Subaru Boxer engine gets its name because the movement of the pistons resembles the punches from a boxer. The Boxer engine uses horizontally opposed pistons that move east to west, rather than traditional engines that use pistons that move north to south. This allows half the pistons to be placed on one side of the engine, and the other half on the other side, while traditional engines have the pistons all in one bunch.

What Advantages Do Boxer Engines Offer Drivers?

Because the Boxer engines use horizontally opposed pistons rather than vertical ones, it allows the engine to be placed lower in the vehicle, as it doesn't take up as much north to south room. The low placement of the engine results in a lower center of gravity, providing you with more stability and better handling on your trips around Rosamond. With better stability, your tires will be firmly on the ground and you can enjoy a more commanding and exciting driving experience wherever you go around Santa Clarita.

Test Drive a Subaru Model of Your Choice Today

We invite you to make the short trip from Los Angeles and experience the difference that a Boxer engine can make during a test drive of your favorite Subaru model today.