At Subaru Antelope Valley, we're committed to helping every Lancaster car buyer find the perfect automobile for their lifestyle and needs. While sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and compact utility vehicles (CUVs) often have similar looks, they're hardly the same in capability and overall design. To help Palmdale customers make informed buying decisions, we're sharing a few essential differences between these two popular auto types.

It's All in the Chassis

The most notable difference between an SUV and a CUV is the chassis underneath. CUVs have a car chassis, and SUVs have the same chassis type as trucks: a basic unibody or monocoque design. This construction allows for a smooth, comfortable ride even when traversing some of the bumpiest roads in Rosamond. Conversely, SUVs have their body on a chassis. As a result, they're larger, heavier, and burn more fuel. When you want more space than a car can provide, and the ability to navigate your vehicle from an elevated, commanding position, a CUV will deliver on both fronts and give you a smaller carbon footprint.

Seating Capacity

SUV and CUV models can accommodate up to seven passengers; however, the interior space isn't the same. Santa Clara drivers with lots of passengers to haul can find capable options in both SUVs and CUVs. Although some SUVs can carry more, many top-rated CUVs offer comfortable seating for up to seven passengers. SUVs will also fit all seven passengers in with more elbow room, more room for storing cargo, and more significant leg space overall. Thus, if you plan on carrying sporting gear, camping equipment, or other personal items along with a full load of passengers, an SUV is likely the best choice.

Towing Capacity and Off-Road Capabilities

If you plan on doing some light towing around Los Angeles, an SUV is better suited to the job. Although a truck is the first choice for towing campers and boats, several SUVs are also up for the task. However, you won't find a CUV with the same muscle. SUVs have larger and far more powerful engines than CUVs. They also include four-wheel drive as standard. Thus, while Lancaster drivers may pay a bit more at the pump to fill an SUV tank, they'll be able to accomplish more heavy-duty hauling. Check out our current inventory of SUVs and CUVs and visit us at Subaru Antelope Valley today.

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