Racetracks near Palmdale, CA

Where are the Best Racetracks Near Palmdale?

Everyone likes a little excitement in their lives.  From the dirt course to the paved track, you love the exhilaration you can only get while pushing the limits of your car against others who crave the thrill of competition.  There are few places as conducive to testing your track skills than the Palmdale area.  Racers from across the state flock to the numerous destinations in the area to test their skills amongst the best amateur racers around.  Subaru Antelope Valley will help guide you to your destination.

What to Race

Real racers know when you hit the track, you do it behind the wheel of the Subaru WRX and the WRX STI.  They are the perfect sport-performance sedans for tackling the conditions of extreme driving.  The WRX STI has been engineered for sports with its air intake and performance exhaust system and a 310-horsepower flat-four-cylinder engine.  The firm suspension keeps you steady on the most rugged of tracks.

The all-wheel-drive STI performs admirably whether you are hitting the straight-away, road course, or drifting.  The six-speed manual gearbox keeps the Subaru STI shifting smoothly through your high-racing RPM with control.  Responsive steering means you hit those turns with precise timing.

Even the interior of the WRX STI gives the impression it is ready to race.  Red seatbelts, Brembo brakes, and a rally-inspired rear spoiler show you are game for competition.  The available Recaro sport seats give you an athletic stance on the road.

Where to Race

So, where can you go if you have "the need for speed," near Palmdale?  Lucky for you, you are right in the heart of racing country in the Antelope Valley. Among those is the oldest permanent road course in the United States: Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond.  Described as the "fastest Road in the West," this 2.5-mile, nine-turn road track is patterned after the famous road courses in Europe.  It allows drivers to face off in a safe environment.

It also provides several services that enhance your racing experience, like several garages that allow you to not only make alterations to your car but perhaps even show off your ride a little bit to give you the phycological advantage off the track.  Tire and fuel services are available in the garage area.  Treat yourself and spend the day while taking advantage of the camping and dining options.

Horse Thief Mile is a one-mile road course located as part of the Willow Springs International Raceway. Eleven turns and elevation changes present new obstacles for drivers to experience.  Take your WRX out for drift testing or rent one of our race-prepared cars for the day.

Since 1953 racers have found their way to Rosamond to test their skills against their peers.  It offers plenty of events to get your Subaru STI on the track.  Whether you are a racer or spectator, there are opportunities to enjoy this great sport.

For the car enthusiast who just likes to put the hammer down occasionally, drivers like to lay down the rubber at JustDrift in Rosamond.  JustDrift presents a stress-free experience for a driver who wants to get out and drive.  Its runs lack the fiery emotion that would come in the heat of competition.

For nearly 20 years, JustDrive has been catering to drivers who crave a fun and safe racing experience.  If you are just getting started, JustDrive offers four levels of classes, relating to your driving experience.  Whether you are a member a car club, just starting or looking to watch your friends try out their wheels, JustDrive encourages any car enthusiast to join them for an exhilarating day at the course.

When you get the urge to test yourself and your Subaru WRX STI, you are never far away from the best racing in Antelope Valley and California.  Take your speedster to one of the iconic tracks and challenge yourself.