We will match any local competitor quote on the same tire, with comparable road hazard coverage within 30 days of purchase
  • Competitor quote must match brand, model, size, load rating, and speed rating.
  • Eligible local competitors must be a place of business that sells and installs tires within 25 miles of your dealership, and must stock the tire being quoted. Internet quotes are only valid for competitors with a physical retail location within 25 miles of your dealership. Warehouse clubs qualify as retail locations.
  • A 10% road hazard coverage adjustment must be added to the Eligible Competitor's price if comparable coverage (Replacement only; 100% 1st year, 50% 2nd year) is not included in the price of the tire.
  • The quote must state that the tire(s) is/are in stock. Any quote that indicates that a tire is "Special Order," or will take in excess of one day for delivery, will not be eligible.
  • The following conditions are eligible for price match:
    1. Price matched after the purchase: Within 30 days of purchasing a tire from your dealership, a customer presents a quote from an Eligible Competitor with a lower price.
    2. Price matched prior to the purchase: A customer presents an Eligible Competitor quote dated no more than 30 days from the actual purchase of an Eligible Tire.
    3. An Eligible Competitor's price must be substantiated by a price quote showing quote date, tire description, and offered price. Freight charges must be included in all Internet quotes.
    4. If a customer presents a quote that does not include road hazard, add 10% per tire for the price match calculation.

*Exclusions Dealers cannot price match the following: bonus, bundled, free, or special offers; coupons, local retailer rebates, or promotions; clearance or closeout prices; used tires; labor or other charges; typographical errors; competitor's prices that result from a price match; quotes from other automotive dealerships; quotes located with dealership assistance