Many Used Subaru Models to Choose

Drivers love Subaru for its reliability and luxury interiors. Subaru is a brand that has built trust in its reputation for making cars that are built to last. That is why a used Subaru is an excellent value for your next car, crossover, SUV, or sports car. Let's take a look at some of the models that you can choose.

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The Impreza is the smallest of the Subaru family. You can choose it as a sedan or as a five-door sport model. The Impreza is practical and efficient. If you choose a newer used model, you can often find many of the tech features that are offered in a new one, only at an affordable value price.


The Legacy is the next size up and is a premium sedan that has more room and more options from which to choose. It has a stylish appearance on the outside and the amenities that you expect from a luxury-class sedan on the inside. You can find a used one with features such as heated and ventilated front seats or dual-zone climate control.


A used Crosstrek is an excellent buy for those who want a crossover that has the best of both worlds between a sedan and compact SUV. On the outside, the Crosstrek looks like it is ready for an adventure with SUV-like styling and options like roof racks. On the inside, you get a roomy interior and plenty of storage space.


The Forester is a Subaru classic that is powerful and fun to drive. You can find a Forester with a 2.5 direct-injection engine and symmetrical all-wheel drive. The Forester is powerful and capable of tackling an adventure. A used Forester that is only a few years old is just getting broken in and ready for your next road trip.


The Outback is another classic Subaru SUV, and a used one is more than ready to take you on the road less traveled, or even off-road if you wish. This powerful SUV has plenty of ground clearance to get over small obstacles in your path. The Outback also has a comfortable interior with plenty of room for everything that you need to take along.


The Ascent is the ultimate when it comes to a used SUV. It is designed for style and comfort, inside and out. Whether you choose a used standard, Premium, Limited, or Touring trim level, you can find a newer, gently used one that has the latest tech for connectivity and safety features.


The BRZ is for the thrill-seekers in the bunch. It has a powerful engine and responsive, sporty handling. When you buy used, you can find one with high-performance brakes, smartphone integration, and racing seats. The cockpit feels like you are on the track. If a two-door sports car is right for you, then the BRZ has plenty to offer.


The WRX is also one that is made for some driving excitement, only in a four-door model. It also comes with a symmetrical all-wheel drive, so it is ready for any road conditions. You can choose sporty options like spoilers and a powerful 310-horsepower engine. The interior features enough room for everyone. Newer models feature a track-tuned suspension, vehicle dynamics control, and active torque vectoring to help you hug the curves.

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